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2018 is just a blink away which means we’re here to summarise our December! It was, of course, all about the festive content this month and below we’ve talked you through the content we shared with you. Although this month’s content is a little irrelevant for the next 11 months, we felt in necessary to compile a catalogue of our December 2017 for inspiration next year!

Gift ideas – As jolly as Christmastime is, present-buying can feel like a task. Especially when it comes to the sometimes dreaded Secret Santa. So, to help readers out, we compiled a mini gift guide that covered budgets from £5 to £15! Check out Secret Santa: Budget-Friendly Gift Ideas to see how we went about it!

Content creation inspiration – As is no secret, we love Unsplash. We believe images from Unsplash are essential for modern and innovative content and decided to share with you a few more of our favourite festive images from the site. We, in turn, used a few of these recommended images in our very own festive content. Check out the images here: 5 More Free Festive Unsplash Images.

Content tips – It’s important to ensure your content is original all year around. When, however, everyone is creating Christmas content left, right and centre it’s especially important that your content stands out from the crowd. To see how we think content creators can go about this, have a read of How to Ensure Your Christmas Content is Original.

Content tips – No one likes a Scrooge. No matter what any content creator was up to in December, everyone had to ensure their content was sprinkled with festivity. For this reason, we shared with you a post about 3 Small Ways to Festive Up Your Content.

Festive inspiration – Keeping up with frequent festive content is always challenging. It can often feel like quality is suffering in the form of filler posts. We, however, believe filler posts are a given; maybe even necessary to make it through the festive content period. So, we wrote a post all about it… Festive Filler Posts.

Boxing Day – As content creators, we can’t ignore our seasonal calendar. We needed to get prepared for Christmas Day’s younger sibling, Boxing Day. We did some research into its history and how we content creators can go about the day of leftovers and fizzy drinks. Check out Boxing Day: What, Why and How to find out our Boxing Day content tips and tricks.

Christmas stockings – Here at Contengine we wanted to have a look into the history of the Christmas traditions of stockings. We, of course, included a few stocking filler ideas. Check out our post here: The Christmas Stockings.

Working at Christmas – We content creators always have to be on the ball; even at Christmastime. So we understood the need for some to escape to work over Christmastime. We gave our readers a few ideas as to where they can escape… Where to Escape to Work this Christmas.

Boxing Day sales – Our seasonal calendar, once again, inspired our December content. Whether you love or hate the Boxing Day sales, everyone at least has a look online on the 26th. So we did what we always do and looked into the history of Boxing Day and suggested a few ways in which your content can celebrate it. Check out our post here: Boxing Day Sales.

New Year’s Eve – Of course our seasonal calendar couldn’t ignore today, New Year’s Eve. We did our research, shared it with you and gave readers a few content ideas for New Year’s! New Year’s Eve: Go Out with a Bang.

There are only a few more hours until the New Year begins and so that leaves one more thing… Happy New Year!

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